PART 1 (2000)

Caxton's Chaucer and Lydgate Quartos: Miscellanies from manuscript to print by Alexandra Gillespie 1
The printers, stationers and bookbinders of York before 1557 by Stacey Gee 27
Recycling and originality in the pamphlet wars: republishing Jacobean texts in the 1640s by Joseph Marshall 55
A deceptive dictio probatoria by A. J. Piper 87
Henry Bradshaw and his correspondents by A. E. B. Owen 88
Summary of the Society's activities, October 1999 to July 2000 89

PART 2 (2001)

Thomas Snodham, and the printing of William Byrd's Psalmes, songs, and sonnets (1611) by John Morehen 91
A description of Jesus College MS Q.G.23 containing Guy de Chauliac's Chirurgie: A supplement to M. R. James's catalogue by Angela M. Lucas and Peter J. Lucas 127
Humfrey Wanley borrows books in Cambridge by Helmut Gneuss 145
Two sixteenth-century book lists from the library of Queens' College, Cambridge by Clare Sargent 161
Medieval rotating column-indicators: an unrecorded second example in a thirteenth century bible (Cambridge, Corpus Christi College MS 49) by Richard Emms 179
Two fifteenth-century Polychronicons in Cambridge collections by Nicholas Rogers 185
Summary of the Society's activities, October 2000 to July 2001 189

PART 3 (2002)

A manuscript from Nuneaton: Cambridge Fitzwilliam Museum Ms McLean 123 by Betty Hill 191
Religious controversy and marginalia: Pierfrancesco di Piero Bardi, Thomas Wakefield, and their books by James Carley 206
Thomas Wakefield, Robert Wakefield and the Cotton Genesis by James Carley 246
Studies and status: spaces for books in seventeenth-century Penshurst Place, Kent by Susie West 266
John Heath: a forgotten donor to King's College, Cambridge by Karen Attar 293
Cambridge University Library Nn.4.8, a Greek palimpsest described and deciphered by Natalie Tchernetska 313
Three Peraldus manuscripts at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge by Michiel Verweij 322
Royalist Homer by Gregory Machacek 331
Summary of the Society's activities, October 2001 to July 2002 333

PART 4 (2003)

William Retchford, pupil of Abraham Wheelock in Anglo-Saxon: 'He understands the Saxon as well as myself' by Peter Lucas 335
A Carthusian economy: Gonville and Caius College Ms. 142/192 by Julian M. Luxford 363
The Barrow knight, the Bristol bibliographer, and a lost Old English prayer by Rebecca Rushforth 372
Cambridge, Trinity College Ms B.14.52 by Betty Hill 393
John Siberch (d. 1554), the first Cambridge printer: new findings from English records by Matthew Groom 403
Radosticzoso: a small mystery solved by Dennis E. Rhodes 414
A source and date for the fragment of Grisel y Mirabella found in the binding of Emmanuel College 338.5.43 by Joyce Boro 422
Three references to George Herbert, Orator (1620-1628) by Misako Himuro 437
Summary of the Society's activities, October 2002 to July 2003 454