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Identifier: RCSPC-Y3011U-055
Creator: Unknown
Title: [Treating sleeping sickness, Takalafiya, c.1940]
Description: Showing a woman being given an injection. The photograph is part of a series of British Official photographs (Crown Copyright Reserved) issued under the general title 'Sleeping sickness experiment is pattern for progress in rural Africa'. It has two typewritten captions on the reverse. The first reads: 'At the Takalafiya dispensary this woman victim of sleeping sickness is given intravenous injections of tryparsimide by the sleeping sickness service attendant'. The second reads: 'The British Government is carrying out a successful and interesting experiment in Nigeria, to beat that great menace to African life, Sleeping Sickness. The town of Anchau, centre of the experiment is in the middle of an area ravaged by the disease-carrying Tsetse fly, and the scheme, which will be finished in 1947, has brought a new way of life to many Africans. To combat the Tsetse Fly, is a long process; not only have the African villagers to be educated to a better way of life from the hygiene viewpoint, but, land clearance must be undertaken, whole sections of the community must be moved from the crowded area, and new agricultural methods must be introduced. To do this in many cases involved reading and writing classes for adult villagers. All this work has had to be done by a depleted staff of two instead of the ten Control Officers judged necessary for the job before the war, a District Officer , two entymologists and a well-sinking foreman are carrying the scheme through. When it is finished it will provide a pattern for rural development in Africa'. The photograph was taken circa 1940.
Date created from: 1940
Date created to: 1940
Coverage spatial: Kaduna (Africa, Nigeria)
Source: RCS Y3011U/55
Is part of: RCS Photograph Collection, Y3011U - Institute of Education Collection.
DCMIType: Image
Medium: image/jpeg
Extent: 169KB
Dimension X: 554
Dimension Y: 446
Dimension units: Pixels
Resolution: 72 dpi
Bit depth: 24 bit
Colour space: Adobe RGB 1998
Compression type: JPEG
Compression ratio: Quality 9
Camera body: Mamiya RB
Camera back: Leaf Valeo 11 Digital
Lighting: 1000w Bowens Flash Heads
Lens: Mamiya 50mm f/4.5 Wide Angle Lens
ISO: 25
Aperture: F/16
ShutterSpeed: 1/125
Digitised by: SM. Photography Department. Cambridge University Library.
Publisher: Royal Commonwealth Society Library. Cambridge University Library. University of Cambridge.
Date Digitised: 2003-10-24