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A detailed account of the objectives of the RCS Photograph Project.

History of the RCS Collection

A brief history of the Royal Commonwealth Society Collection.


A gallery containing photographs from the RCS Collection.

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A biographical dictionary of photographers featured in the collection.


How to access the RCS Collection, and links to related websites.

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Terms and conditions regarding access and use of the Project website, gallery and Index.

The Royal Commonwealth Society Photograph Collection contains over 70,000 images from all over the world. Dating from the mid-1850s to the mid-1980s the photographs provide insight into the history of the Commonwealth, documenting developments in a wide variety of fields including medicine, education and industry.

The RCS Photograph Project has been established to promote access to this valuable collection. The project aims to:

  • reorganise the current paper catalogues to meet international archiving standards;

  • make this data available via a web-searchable database;

  • digitise images from the collection, creating an online gallery.

The project will provide a number of benefits. Users will be able to access detailed catalogues over the Internet and perform searches for specific individuals, countries or keywords. The online gallery will demonstrate the richness and variety of the images contained in the collection and will prove a useful resource for those unable to visit the Library.

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