Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr21)

9.4.1619 (Friday 9 April 1619)

document 33600819

Math Sympson clerk 6d Thos Smith 6d# Thos Guyon 6d Peter Leonard 12d Joseph Harris 6d# Wm Kitchin in right of his wife 4d Isabel Gylott 2d Dan Rand 3d Jn Hunwick 4d Jn Upcher 6d Geo Hamond 2d Jn Middleton 3d Rich Hayward 3d Robt Davie 4d Jn Garrard 2d Rich Creek 2d Jn Gilson 2d Nich Harris 2d Sam Tyler 2d Francis Ward 2d Jn Smyth (may be Jn Smyth) 2d are suitors of this court and made default therefore each of this in mercy as is shown above their names