PART 1 (1964)

Description of Fitzwilliam Museum MS. 3-1954: Book of Hours by Francis Wormald and Phyllis M. Giles 1
The Press under the early Tudors by D. M. Loades 29
Edward Paston (1550-1630): A Norfolk Gentleman and his Musical Collection by Philip Brett 51
Notes on Cambridge Manuscripts, Part VII by T. A. M. Bishop 70
The University Library Catalogue of 1556: An Addendum by J. C. T. Oates 77
Note on a copy of the Book of Common Prayer in the Library of Emmanuel College, Cambridge by Edward C. Ratcliffe 79
Summary of the Society's activities, 1963-64 83
Plates I-VIII between 16 and 17
Plates IX-X between 74 and 75

PART 2 (1965)

William Rysley's Catalogue of the Cambridge University Muniments, compmiled in 1420 by Catherine P. Hall 85
'Vetus Repertorium', an early Memorandum Book of the Diocese of Lincoln by Dorothy M. Owen 100
Hand-list of Manuscripts in the Cowper and Newton Museum, Olney, Bucks by K. Povey 107
The Cataloguing of the Holkham Manuscripts by J. E. Graham 128
The Tracts of the Norman Anonymous: C.C.C.C. M.S. 415 by Karl Pellens 155
Marginalia by Henry VIII in his copy of The Bokes of Salomon by Michael Hattaway 166
Summary of the Society's activities, 1964-65 171
Plates XI-XII between 132 and 133
Plate XIII between 148 and 149
Plates XIV-XVI between 164 and 165

PART 3 (1966)

A Handlist of the Additional Manuscripts in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Part V (Accessions 1953-65) by Phyllis M. Giles 173
Greek Manuscripts in Cambridge: Recent Acquisitions by College Libraries, etc. by Mrs P. E. Easterling 179
Trinity College Cambridge MS. B.14.52, and William Patten by Dr Betty Hill 192
Thomas Fuller, the Protestant Divines, and Plagiary yet speaking by D. H. Woodward 201
Slavonic Books of the Eighteenth Century in Cambridge Libraries by E. P. Tyrrell and J. S. G. Simmons 225
An early example of the Square minuscule by T. A. M. Bishop 246
The Syndics' Library at the University Press by H. S. Bennett 253
Early Provincial Newspapers in Reading University Library by D. T. O'Rourke 256
Summary of the Society's activities, 1965-66 256
Plate XVII between 194 and 195
Plates XVIII-XIX between 246 and 247

PART 4 (1967)

The Corpus Martianus Capella by T. A. M. Bishop 257
Restrictive Practices in the Elizabethan Book Trade: The Stationers' Company v. Thomas Thomas 1583-8 by John Morris 276
The Hand of Thomas Thomas by Sir Geoffrey Keynes 291
The Function of a Nineteenth-Century Catalogue belonging to the Cambridge Philosophical Library by Mrs Norma C. Neudoerffer 293
Summary of the Society's activities, 1966-7 301
K. Pellens' Edition of the Tracts of the Norman Anonymous by Mrs Ruth Nineham 302
Nicholas Harpsfield's Note of Cranmer's Recantation by John M. Fletcher and John Fines 310
A Note on Locke's Library by Sir Geoffrey Keynes 312
Printed Playbills in the Peninsular War by Bruce Dickins 314
Addenda and Corrigenda to 'A Hand-list of the Printed Works of William Johnson, afterwards Cory' by John Carter 318
Plates XX-XXII between 264 and 265
Plates XXIII-XXIV between 292 and 293
Plate XXV between 312 and 313

PART 5 (1968)

The Non-Runic Scripts of Anglo-Saxon Inscriptions by Mrs Elisabeth Okasha 321
Thomas Thomas, Printer to the University of Cambridge 1583-8. Part II by John Morris 339
A Cervantes Item from Emmanuel College Library: Barros's Filosofía Cortesana, 1587 by Edward M. Wilson 363
William Oughtred's Circles of Proportion and Trigonometries by P. J. Wallis 372
Some Aspects of the Norfolk Book-Trade, 1800-1824 by Trevor Fawcett 383
An Early Example of Insular-Caroline by T. A. M. Bishop 396
Summary of the Society's Activities 1967-68 401
Plates XXVI-XXVIII between 352 and 353
Plate XXIX between 396 and 397