PART 1 (1969)

John Capgrave, O.S.A. (1393-1464), scribe and 'publisher' by Peter J. Lucas 1
A. H. Wratislaw's Slavonic books in the library of Christ's College, Cambridge by R. Auty and E. P. Tyrrell 36
John Locke's library: portrait of an intellectual by Richard Ashcraft 47
A note on Locke's pamphlets on money by Patrick Kelly 61
Cosin's correspondence by P. G. Stanwood and A. I. Doyle 74
The genesis of the Cambridge University Press, 1695-6 by D. F. McKenzie 79
Summary of the Society's activities 1968-69 80
Plates I-VIII between 32 and 33

PART 2 (1970)

The early German broadsheet and related ephemera: a bibliographical survey by F. J. Stopp 81
Macaulay at work: an example of his use of his sources by Jane Millgate 90
A catalogue of the library of Bishop Lancelot Andrewes (1555-1626) by D. D. C. Chambers 99
The unidentified sources of the Norman anonymous C.C.C.C. MS. 415 by Roger E. Reynolds 122
The Jesus Book Club by L. A. Pars 132
John Baskerville's appeal to Lord Bute by James L. McKelvey 138
Progenies vitiosior: on the genesis of an edition by E. J. Kenney 142
Jane Austen: some non-literary manuscripts in the Fitzwilliam Museum and the University Library Cambridge by F. P. Lock 145
On Corpus Christi MS. 355, Joh. Colet in Romanos et in Genesim by C. A. L. Jarrott 149
Further addenda and corrigenda to 'A Hand-list of the Printed Works of William Johnson, afterwards Cory' by John Carter 150
Alwyn Faber Scholfield by J. C. T. O. 152
Summary of the Society's activities 1969-70 154
Plates IX-XII between 88 and 89

PART 3 (1971)

The printing of privileged books at Cambridge 1631-1634 by William M. Baillie 155
The publishing history of Garth's Dispensary: some 'lost' and pirated editions by Pat Rogers 167
Góngora: the Hoces editions of 1654 by Don Cruickshank 179
A Cambridge pocket-diary, 1587-1592 by Frank H. Stubbings 191
The Moore Palladius by R. H. Rodgers 203
A Hebrew MS binding on a sixteenth-century volume in Clare College Library by Jörg-Ulrich Fechner and William Horbury 217
Cambridge in 1842: drawn by R. W. Buss, by Bruce Dickins 231
Collations and editions by Curt F. Bühler 237
Summary of the Society's activities 1970-1971 241
Plates XIII-XVI between 189 and 191
Plates XVII-XIX between 202 and 203
Plate XX between 216 and 217
Plates XXI-XXIV between 229 and 231
Plates XXV-XXVIII between 236 and 237