PART 1 (1972)

Eighteenth-century Norfolk booksellers: a survey and register by Trevor Fawcett 1
The making of the Parker Library by Bruce Dickins 19
Newspapers and opinion in Cambridge, 1780-1850 by M. J. Murphy 35
Some early readers in the British Museum by Arthur Sherbo 56
A lost manuscript of Solinus: five fragments from Bury St Edmunds in the Library of Clare College, Cambridge by J. A. Guy 65
Summary of the Society's activities 1971-1972 69
Plate I between 66 and 67

PART 2 (1973)

Anglo-Saxon texts in early modern transcripts by R. I. Page 69
A handlist of the Bradfer-Lawrence manuscripts deposited on loan at the Fitzwilliam Museum by Phyllis M. Giles 86
The first and second editions of Joseph Angles's Flores theologicarum quæstionum in secundum librum sententiarum by R. M. Flores 100
The library of Count von Pötting, by Don Cruickshank 110
An unknown library in Southern Italy in 1557 by Dennis E. Rhodes 115
A picture of Sapientia from S. Sulpice, Bourges by Margaret Gibson 261
Glorianus and Gloriana by Frank H. Stubbings 129
A note on the text of The Waste Land by James Smith 131
Summary of the Society's activities, 1972-1973 134
Plates II-IV facing page 136

PART 3 (1974)

The Capgrave 'autographs' by Edmund Colledge 137
Printing at Nikolaev, 1798-1803 by A. G. Cross 149
A patchery and confusion of disjointed stuffe: Richard Delamain's Grammelogia of 1631/3 by D. J. Bryden 158
Printer's legerdemain in Milton's Artis logicae plenior institutio by Walter J. Ong 167
Eusebius, Eucherius and Bruno of Segni: caveat lector by Nicholas Boyle 175
A Note on Robinson's Brief collection of ... courts of records by W. H. Bryson 181
The Cambridge copy of the Imagen del Antechristo by A. Gordon Kinder and Edward M. Wilson 188
A St. Albans historical miscellany of the fifteenth century by D. R. Howlett 195
Summary of the Society's activities, 1973-1974 201
Plates V-XIII facing page 200

PART 4 (1975)

A.N.L. Munby 203
The Munby Collection in the University Library by D. J. McKitterick 205
A St. Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury, manuscript reconstructed by Andrew G. Watson 211
The collation and descent of the Thornton Manuscript by A. E. B. Owen 218
The books of Thomas, Lord Paget (c. 1544-1590) by Andrew H. Anderson 226
A handlist of the Additional Manuscripts in the Fitzwilliam Museum Part VI. Accessions 1966-1974 by Phyllis M. Giles 243
Edward Capell (1713-1781) as editor of Paradise Lost by R. G. Moyles 252
Two Heinsius-related volumes in the University Library, Cambridge by M. H. Hoeflich 262
Summary of the Society's activities 1974-1975 266

PART 5 (1976)

Manuscripts associated with Kirkby Bellars Priory by Derek Britton 267
A fragment of Augustine in the hand of Theodericus Werken by A. C. De La Mare 285
Wisdom literature of the seventeenth century: a guide to the contents of the 'Bacon-Tottel' commonplace books Part I by Stuart Clark 291
Anthony Askew's Liber amicorum by Frank Stubbings 306
Richard Bentley's design for the Cambridge University Press c. 1696 by D. F. McKenzie 322
John Nichols, William Bowyer, and Cambridge University Press in 1765 by R. Rabicoff and D. J. McKitterick 328
Three printed ballad texts from Birmingham by Edward M. Wilson 339
A note on the descent of the Thornton manuscript by George R. Keiser 346
An addendum to The Cambridge University Press 1696-1712 by John P. Chalmers 249
Summary of the Society's activities 1975-76 350