PART 1 (1977)

John Parker's manuscripts: an edition of the lists in Lambeth Palace MS 737 by Sheila Strongman 1
The printed works of William Patten (c. 1510-c.1600) by Brian O'Kill 28
Wisdom literature of the seventeenth century: a guide to the contents of the 'Bacon-Tottel' commonplace books. Part II by Stuart Clark 46
The doctrine and discipline of divorce, 1643-1645: a bibliographical study by Claud A. Thompson 74
The establishment of printing in Norwich: causes and effects 1660-1760 by David Stoker 94
Summary of the Society's activities 1976-77 112

PART 2 (1978)

Edward Meryon Wilson iii
Brice Dickins iii
George Isaac Frederick Tupper, facimilist, by Robin Myers 113
Two seventeenth-century catalogues of St John's College library by David McKitterick 135
Recovering an important seventeenth-century poetical miscellany: Cambridge Add. MS 4138 by Ted-Larry Pebworth and Claude J. Summers 156
The authorship of Directions for a student in the Universitie by John A. Trentman 170
The first book printed in Oxford: the Expositio symboli of Rufinus by A. C. De La Mare and Lotte Hellinga 184
The medieval provenance of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge MS 322 by David Yerkes 245
The Comedias sueltas of Antonio Sanz by A. J. C. Bainton 248
Summary of the Society's activities, 1977-78 255

PART 3 (1979)

The St Albans press: the first punch-cutter in England and the first native typefounder? by Nicolas Barker 257
Jacobus Apocellus by Anthony Hobson 279
Books bought by Whitgift's pupils in the 1570s by Philip Gaskell 284
English seventeenth-century travelling libraries by Howard M. Nixon and William A. Jackson 294
Samuel Pepys and Spain by Edward M. Wilson 322
When Congreve made a scene by D. F. McKenzie 338
Tristram in Dublin by Kenneth Monkman 343
The background to Bodleian purchases of incunabula at the Pinelli and Crevenna sales, 1789-90 by Ian Philip 369
W. R. Greg and Charles Darwin in Edinburgh by Wallace Kirsop 376
The shooting affair at Cambridge University Library by John Dreyfus 391
Summary of the Society's activities, 1978-1979 394

PART 4 (1980)

Collections of manuscripts at Cambridge: their history, sources and contents by M. R. James 395
Periphyseon: an episode in the tradition by T. A. M. Bishop 411
The sixteenth-century history of two Cambridge books from Sawley by David N. Dumville 427
MS. Rawlinson A.393: another Findern manuscript by G. R. Keiser 445
Warburton's copy of Theobald's Shakespeare by Robert M. Ryley 449
The Ely Pamphlet Club, 1766-1776 by John Feather 457
Summary of the Society's activities 1979-80 464