PART 1 (1981)

The Parker Register and Matthew Parker's Anglo-Saxon manuscripts by R. I. Page 1
The origin of CCCC 163 by Michael Lapidge 18
A catalogue of Caius College Library, 1569 by Elisabeth Leedham-Green 29
The Peter Sterry MSS at Emmanuel College, Cambridge by P. J. Croft and Nabil Matar 42
Andrew Millar and the first recension of Fielding's Works (1762) by Hugh Amory 57
The Norwich book trades before 1800 by David Stoker 79
A migration of incunable fragments from Cambridge to London by Dennis E. Rhodes 126
Dryden's employment by Cromwell's government by Paul Hammond 130
Summary of the Society's activities 1980-81 137

PART 2 (1982)

Sir Geoffrey Keynes 139
The rise and fall of the Cambridge muses by Harold Forster 141
Bible illustration in the age of Laud by George Henderson 173
The early career of William Dodd by A. D. Barker 217
Charles Edward Sayle by J. C. T. Oates 236
Textual lacunae and the importance of manuscript evidence: Robert Thornton's copy of the Liber de diversis medicinis by John Thompson 270
A Cambridge binding by the Antwerp binder by Felix B. de Marez Oyens 276
The H. M. Gwatkin papers by Peter Slee 279
Summary of the Society's activities, 1981-82 284

PART 3 (1983)

A composite Old English homiliary from Ely: Cambridge University Library MS Ii.1.33 by W. S. Schipper 285
The origins and make-up of Cambridge University Library MS Ff.1.6 by Kate Harris 299
An early inventory of Trinity College books by Philip Gaskell 334
Matthew Parker's copy of Prosper his meditation with his wife by R. I. Page 342
Summary of the Society's activities, January-May 1983 350

PART 4 (1984)

The date of Erasmus' Latin translation of the New Testament by Andrew J. Brown 351
The 1629 Cambridge Bible by B. J. McMullin 381
University Press records in the University Archives: an account and checklist by Elisabeth Leedham-Green 398
Isaac Dorislaus (1595-1649); the career of a Dutch scholar in England by P. Alessandra Maccioni and Marco Mostert 419
An unrecorded palimpsest of Dante's Inferno by George Salt 471
Lawson's Orchet by A. S. G. Edwards 477
Summary of the Society's activities 1983-4 489