PART 1 (1986)

The Cambridge Proof sheets of Mentelin's Latin Bible by Paul Needham 1
A Gutenberg Bible used as printer's copy by Heinrich Eggestein in Strassburg, CA 1469 by Paul Needham 36
The Books of Peter Shaw in Trinity College, Cambridge by David Pearson 76
John Leland and the contents of English Pre-Dissolution Libraries: the Cambridge Friars by James P. Carley 90
Summary of the Society's activities 1986 101

PART 2 (1987)

A register of MSS borrowed from a college library, 1440-1517: Corpus Christi College, Cambridge MS 232 by C. R. Cheney 103
Scribal publication in seventeenth-century England by Harold Love 130
Parson Lister's library by Keith Maslen 155
Julius Hare's German books in Trinity College Library, Cambridge by Roger Paulin 174
Three notes on printers' copy: Strassburg, Oxford, Subiaco by Lotte Hellinga 194
Four more leaves of an incunable by Cornelius Roelans by Dennis E. Rhodes 205
Summary of the Society's activities, 1986-87 208

PART 3 (1988)

Thomas Lorkyn's dissections, 1564/5 and 1566/7 by Peter Murray Jones 209
A Cambridge bookseller's accounts of 1572 by David Pearson 230
A dictionary of oriental collections in Cambridge University Library by Andrew Dalby 248
Magister Robertus Amiclas: a Buildwas benefactor by Jennifer M. Sheppard 281
Summary of the Society's activities, October 1987 to July 1988 289

PART 4 (1989)

Anglo-Saxon missionaries in Germany: reflections on the manuscript evidence by Rosamond McKitterick 291
John Leland and the contents of the English pre-dissolution libraries: Lincolnshire by James P. Carley 330
Promptorium parvulorum: manuscript fragments at Emmanuel College and their relation to Pynson's editio princeps by Linda Voigts and Frank Stubbings 358
The genesis of Collectanea Cantabrigiensia by David Stoker 372
Robert Proctor's 'Otter' Greek type by J. H. Bowman 381
Summary of the Society's activities 1988-89 399

PART 5 (1990)

J. C. T. Oates, 1912-1990 by D. F. McKenzie 401
E. Gordon Duff and the bibliography of English incunabula by Arnold Hunt 409
Fragmenta Manuscripta and Varia at Missouri and Cambridge by Milton McC. Gatch 434
Anthony Scoloker, the 'Just Reckoning Printer' and the earliest Ipswich Printing by Janet Ing Freeman 476
John Field in 1668: the affairs of a University Printer by David McKitterick 497
The earliest use of Hebrew in books printed in England: dating some works of Richard Pace and Robert Wakefield by Richard Rex 517
One that got away: the inventory of Thomas Southwell, 1605 by Elisabeth Leedham-Green 526
The early editions of the 'Credo di Dante' by Dennis E. Rhodes 531
Summary of the Society's activities, October 1989 to July 1990 537