PART 1 (1991)

Pembroke College: its educational significance in late medieval Cambridge by Alan B. Cobban 1
Audits and replacements in the Parker Library: 1590-1650 by R. I. Page 17
On the dating of some late Anglo-Saxon liturgical manuscripts by David N. Dumville 40
Paradise purified: Dr Bentley's marginalia for his 1732 edition of Paradise Lost by John K. Hale 58
Three Icelandic Bibles by W. Sidney Allen 75
A Latin verse epistle of Joshua Barnes, to Sir Thomas Browne by Frank Stubbings 86
Hugh atte Fenne and books at Cambridge by Roger Virgoe 92
Summary of the Society's activities, October 1990 to July 1991 99

PART 2 (1992)

Splendour or wealth: art and economy in the Burgundian Netherlands by R. van Uytven 101
The miniature of St John the Baptist in Gonville and Caius MS 241/127 and its context by Nicholas Rogers 125
The Twelve Ladies of Rhetoric in Cambridge [CUL MS Nn.3.2] by Claudine A. Chavannes-Mazel 139
The lettre bourguignonne in CUL MS Nn.3.2 and other Flemish manuscripts: a method of identification by Eelco Bruinsma 156
Between Flanders and France? A Speculum humanae salvationis: Fitzwilliam Museum MS 23 by Bert Cardon 165
Classical texts in Bruges around 1473: cooperation of Italian scribes, Bruges parchment-rulers, illuminators and book-binders for Johannes Crabbe by Noel Geirnaert 173
CUL MS Add. 4100: a book of hours illuminated by the Master of the Prayer Books circa 1500? by Lievre de Kesel 182
Fitzwilliam 1058-1975 and the 'Cappriccio' in Flemish book illustration by Bodo Brinkmann 203
List of references 215
General index 241
Iconographic index 247

PART 3 (1993)

Henry Sike of Bremen (1669-1712), Regius Professor of Hebrew and Fellow of Trinity by Leonard Forster 249
More first editions of William Mason by Bernard Barr 278
A new manuscript of Generydes by Frank Stubbings 317
John Dryden: a new work from his Cambridge days by Hilton Kelliher 341
Law books in Cambridge libraries, 1500-1640 by Alain Wijffels 359
The French manuscripts in the Parker Library by Nigel Wilkins 413
Summary of the Society's activities, October 1992 to July 1993 419

PART 4 (1994)

A Parkerian transcript of the list of Bishop Leofric's procurements for Exeter Cathedral: Matthew Parker, the Exeter Book, and Cambridge University Library MS Ii.2.11 by Timothy Graham 421
An Elizabethan miniature in the Parker Library, Corpus Christi College by Alison Wilson 461
Notes on centrifugal octavo impositions in sixteenth-century Italian printing by Conor Fahy 489
A new version of a Skelton lyric by A. S. G. Edwards and Lynne R. Mooney 507
Bale to Parker on British historical texts in Cambridge College libraries by Yoko Wada 511
Magdalene College MS Pepys 2498 and Stephen Batman's reading practices by Kate McLoughlin 525
The Art of Good Living (STC 791) by Frank Stubbings 535
Dru Drury's letters (1770-1775) to the Cambridge bookseller, John Woodyer by William Noblett 539
Summary of the Society's activities, October 1993 to July 1994 548

PART 5 (1995)

Hebrew commemorative poetry in Cambridge, 1564-1763 by D. K. Money & J. Oslzowy 549
'Garnished with gloryous tytles': indulgences in printed Books of Hours in England by Flora Lewis 577
Centripetal and centrifugal imposition in Aldine octavos by Conor Fahy 591
Three Italian tracts in Emmanuel College Library by Dennis E. Rhodes 603
Books donated by Hungarians to Cambridge scholars or libraries by George Gömöri 616
Matthew Parker and the conservation of manuscripts: the case of CUL MS Ii.2.4 by Timothy Graham 630
Matthew Parker as annotator: the case of Winchester Cathedral MS XXB by Catherine Hall 642
Summary of the Society's activities, October 1994 to July 1995 646