PART 1 (2008)

Francis Bacon's composition books by Angus Vine 1
The provenance of Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 373 by Johanna Dale 33
The origins of the Dover Bible with a note on its historical context by Nigel Gilmour 51
Christ's crucifixion and Robin Hood and the monk: a Latin charm against thieves in Cambridge, University Library, MS Ff.5.48 by Jack R. Baker 71
Summary of the Society's activities, October 2007 to July 2008 87

PART 2 (2009)

The script and text of the Achadeus Psalter gloss: reusing Continental materials in eleventh-century England by Rebecca Rushforth 89
The artists of the Eadwine Psalter leaves by John Munns 115
Renaissance, Reformation, devotion and recusancy in sixteenth-century Yorkshire: a Missal printed for the Cistercian rite in Cambridge University Library by Michael Carter 127
The Morton Missal: the finest incunable made in England by Katja Airaksinen 147
Summary of the Society's activities, October 2008 to July 2009 180

PART 3 (2010)

The 1538 printings of Clément Marot's Œuvres: Dolet or Gryphius? by Harry Stevenson 181
'A little work of mine that hath begun to pass the world': the Italian translation of Francis Bacon's De sapientia veterum by Anna-Maria Hartman 203
Joshua Barnes's Kosmopoiia and Man's Fall (1668/9): a new context for John Milton's Paradise lost in a Cambridge manuscript by Christopher Burlinson 218
A question of misattribution: William Sancroft's copy of Petruccio Ubaldini's Le vite delle donne illustri ... (London, 1591) by Helen Carron 285
Summary of the Society's activities, October 2009 to July 2010 291

PART 4 (2011)

The educational patronage of Thomas Rotherham, archbishop of York (1423–1500): the evidence of incunabula once at Jesus College, Rotherham by James Willoughby 293
James Duport's Rules for his tutorial pupils: a comparison of two surviving manuscripts by C. D. Preston and P. H. Oswald 317
An eighteenth-century reader in Cambridge University Library: the Rev. William Cole by J. J. Hall 363
Notes from the Incunabula Cataloguing Project at Cambridge University Library by Laura Nuvoloni 403
Summary of the Society's activities, October 2010 to July 2011 413