PART 1 (2012)

Special issue: Incunabula on the move: the production, circulation and collection of early printed books
Incunabula on the move: the current state and future direction of incunabula studies by Ed Potten and Satoko Tokunaga 1
Ulrich Zel's early quartos revisited by Paul Needham 9
Rubrication in Caxton's early English books, c.1476–1478 by Satoko Tokunaga 59
Gutenberg Bibles on the move in England, 1789–1834 by Eric Marshall White 79
Movements of incunabula between the former British Museum Library and the University Library in Cambridge by John Goldfinch 101
Bibliophiles in Cambridge, 1975–1978: a reminiscence by Toshiyuki Takamiya 131
The woodcut as exemplar: sources of inspiration for the decoration of a Venetian incunabulum by Laura Nuvoloni 141
Incunabula on the increase: the development of Cambridge University Library's incunabula collections after 1954 by Emily Dourish and William Hale 165
Summary of the Society's activities, October 2011 to July 2012 175

PART 2 (2013)

Remigius Guidon, Cambridge's Old Paper Mill and the beginnings of Cambridge University Press, c.1550–1559 by Benjamin Pohl and Leah Tether 177
John Byrom and shorthand in early eighteenth-century Cambridge by Timothy Underhill 229
Corpus Christi College, Cambridge in 1577: reading the social space in Sir Nicholas Bacon's college plan by Arata Ide 279
Summary of the Society's activities, October 2012 to July 2013 329

PART 3 (2014)

Special issue: Great collectors and their grand designs: a centenary celebration of the life and work of A. N. L. Munby
Introduction by Peter Murray Jones and Liam Sims (editors) -
'The history of book-collecting is a study in itself...' by Nicolas Barker 1
'The old war horse at Printing House Square' - A. N. L. Munby, Arthur Crook, and the Times Literary Supplement by Michael Caines 13
'Many good autors': Two of John Leland’s manuscripts and the Cambridge connexion by James P. Carley 27
A. N. L. Munby’s collecting of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts by A. S. G. Edwards 57
Frederick North, Fifth Earl of Guilford by Anthony Hobson† 73
Munby and the Keynes Library by Peter Murray Jones 85
A taste for the antique: examples of antiquarian imitation in bookbindings and bookplates by David Pearson 103
The rest of the iceberg: Reassessing private book ownership in the nineteenth century by Ed Potten 125
Summary of the Society's activities, October 2013 to July 2014 150

PART 4 (2015)

The illuminators of Cambridge, Corpus Christi, MS 20 and their relationship to London, British Library, Egerton MS 2781 by Lynda Dennison 481
Rediscovered manuscript fragments of The Prick of Conscience in the library of Queens' College Cambridge by Daniel Sawyer 515
Early modern English Catholic piety in a fifteenth-century book of hours: Cambridge University Library MS additional 10079 by Francis Young 541
Stephan Batman and the making of the Parker Library by Simon Horobin and Aditi Nafde 561
The Venetian edition of Midrash Rabba in Cambridge University Library by Benjamin Williams 583
Trials and tribulations: The Cambridge University Courts, 1540-1660 by Jacqueline Cox 595
'Scandalous and libellous books': the Arc Collection at Cambridge University Library by Liam Sims 625
Summary of the Society's activities, October 2014 to July 2015 647