PART 1 (2016)

Reliquam dicit pictura: text and image in a twelfth-century illustrated anatomical manual (Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, MS 190/223 by Taylor McCall 1
Alexander Pope's copy of George Anselm Touchet's Historical collections (1674) by Jonathan Pritchard 23
Macro MS 5: a historical reconstruction by Richard Beadle 35
'Remarks on books profound': the library of Jane Dalton by Liam Sims 79
Rupert Brooke and the profits of poetry by Peter Murray Jones 107
More fragments of Solinus in Cambridge libraries by R. M. Thomson 125
M.A.R.D. by D. E. Rhodes 133
Summary of the Society's activities, October 2015 to July 2016 139

PART 2 (2017)

Cambridge University Library, MS Dd.1.17: Some Historical Notes by Ralph Hanna 141
The Search for a Lost Diary of Simonds D'Ewes (1602-50) by Mark Lockett and Michael Leach 161
A List of the Publications of A. N. L. Munby by A. S. G. Edwards 181
Collecting Rare Books with Cambridge Associations: a Japanese View by Toshiyuki Takamiya 209
Painting the Trinity Hrabanus: Materials, Techniques and Methods of Production by Stella Panayotova and Paola Ricciardi 227
Collecting Modern British Design-Bindings: What and Why? by Mirjam Foot 263
'Songes of the Frere and the Nunne': An Unrecorded Amorous Carol in a Cambridge Incunable by Suzanne Reynolds 297
Summary of the Society's activities, October 2016 to July 2017 308

PART 3 (2018)

A royal prayer book: artistic collaboration in the Psalter-Hours of Isabelle of France by Stella Panayotova 309
A note on an abbreviated liturgical calendar from the abbey of Bury St Edmunds by Nigel Morgan 345
The Ridley Hall Foxe (1583) as a Reformation miscellany by Mark Rankin 371
Little Gidding and the 'Eikon Basilike' of King Charles I by David R. Ransome 401
Benjamin Flower and the 'Cambridge Intelligencer', 1793-1803 by M. J. Smith 415
Study and travel: John Lewis Burckhardt's remarkable journey traced through archives and manuscripts in Cambridge University Library by Catherine Ansorge 455
Summary of the Society's activities, October 2017 to September 2018 487