Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

10.1.1610 (Wednesday 10 January 1610)

document 22602387

received the said 20s 10.1.1610 memo sold unto Robt Rooks junior the corn now growing in the two middle pieces in Sandhills containing by estimation 28a more or less and the feed of the ground till michaelmas next and 3a of underwood in Chalkney Wood land measure leading from the cartway to the mill along the said pit there measuring right up to Tayne ward reserving all the old staddles now standing there and thirty new of every acre the wood to be all carried of betwixt this and 1.6.next he is likewise to have all the hopground now in his occupation tithe free for this year for this he is to pay the sum of 55li in manner and form following viz 10li at or before 27.1.1610 20li at or before the feast of the annunciation next and 25li in full payment at or before the feast of michaelmas next following and for the sum of 20s to be presently paid he is to have the refusing of this whole bargain till monday next by eight of the clock in the morning and then if he like of it to give me security for this money accordingly the said 20s to be in part of payment memo this bargain for the corn went not forward only they have bought the 3a of wood for which they must pay 15li whereof received with the foresaid 20s 5li and taken bond for the payment of 10li the 8.5.next and they are to have both their hops tithe free for this year