Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

22.11.1618 (Sunday 22 November 1618)

document 22800166

22.11.1618 received of Rich Ward onward of my rent behind at the annunciation last 10li7s so he oweth me of the lady day rent behind about 35s besides the michaelmas rent last 12li5s memo had more of Rich Ward four trees at 4d a foot whereof the two first were 45ft the other two were 38ft in all 27s8d besides carrying wood at 16d per load about two hundred loads 6li13s4d and I sold him six hundred boards at 7s6d 45s and sold him the grass in the fen for carrying four loads of this wood and for a load and a half to himself 12s9d