Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

11.4.1621 (Wednesday 11 April 1621)

document 22800785

11.4.1621 memo let unto Jn Herd of Halstead miller to enter upon friday next being the 13.4. my mill called Colneford Mill with the two slips of meadow therewith usually letten and the little yard enclosed now with a hedge for a twelvemonth reserving half the fish allowing him six loads of wood for the breaches I must mend them and he leave them as good as he finds them for the two millstones they must be measured and leave them as good as he finds them or abate 6s8d an inch for every inch lacking and so must I for every inch surplusture allow after that rate for skeps mill bills or such things as he findeth at his entrance he must leave for my grist he is to grind at my choice taking reasonable to all for this year he must pay me 9li10s quarterly before hand and bring me 4li or 5li in part when he doth enter and the rest very soon after and if he be paid at the years end that he hath gained but his and his wife's meat and drink over and above the rent he must give me 40s more to confirm this bargain he bound himself in an assumpsit before my brother and I bound myself in another assumpsit with anoth er groat witness my brother