Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

26.9.1621 (Wednesday 26 September 1621)

document 22800903

26.9.1621 received of goodman Wright that was due ever since midsummer was twelvemonth 20li received of him in part of payment of my michaelmas rent forty sheep 16li thirty lambs 7li10s 23li10s memo when I conclude with goodman Wright to be allowed the rents during his three years 4.10.1621 received more of him of my rent which makes 36li 12li10s memo I have his bond and Reade's for payment of 12li more in full of all rents due at the annunciation next for I measured the ground and found it to be in his occupation besides bushets and the in fences 197a at 8s the acre and so for this 12li for which I have bond I have discharged them of all arrears of rent