Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

8.8.1622 (Thursday 8 August 1622)

document 22801100

8.8.1622 reckoned with Rampton for 37stone of oats pease and barley at 10d 30s10d and thirty seven days work at 8d 24s8d and in the hopground 15days at 9d 11s3d and mowing 13s1d1h and seven days mowing by the day 7s7d and four days haymaking 3s 6a and a half of pease the moiety of it at 18d 4s6d sum of the work 4li14s11d of which he hath had in money of Wm Brand 24s so rest due to him for work 3li10s11d and 13s6d of the last year and four pigs 6s8d two illegible text 20d received of him more in money 6li so rest due to me 28s and memo it is agreed he shall leave the twenty beasts the 10.5. whereas he entered the 6.5. because he had last year four beasts the 24.5. and there is likewise due unto me at bartholomewtide 21li