Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

31.5.1624 (Monday 31 May 1624)

document 22801474

31.5.1624 reckoned with Rampton who saith there is due to him for work since .10.1622 at which time he reckoned last for mowing 12s7d for threshing wheat Lenton and he 2s11d for threshing one hundred and seven seams of soft corn at 10d 4li9s2d for mowing last harvest and reaping four days being found 2s8d thirteen days threshing seed at michaelmas last at 9d 9s9d working at the pump twelve days 12s waterfurrowing and hedging at the park at 8d eighteen days 12s helping picking hops eight days at 8d 5s4d helping to cart being found some eight days at 6d 4s sum total 7li10s5d of which there was due last year unto me 5li7s so his work cometh of this last year ended at xmas last according to our first bargain 43s and a wey of cheese at 2d1h a quarter 52s6d five chicken at 5d and two pigs at 16d and 28li received in december last and 10s for lacking of a calf which makes 33li3d received more of him this 31.5. 10li