Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

2.2.1627 (Friday 2 February 1627)

document 22802398

2.2.1627 reckoned with Rampton who had last year fifteen cows at 3li and two at 40s a piece and the ground and 3li for the house which comes to 52li18s besides the 20s that I do allow him for the use of his 10li of which I have received at last reckoning 40s and .1.1626 13li .3.1626 10li .6.1626 10li .1.1627 16li for two calves 26s8d two wey of cheese and 4li 4li14s five sow pigs at 4s6d 22s6d 22stone 5bushels of soft corn at 12d the stone 22s7d for mowing grass and coming reaping 45s9d forty two days threshing wheat and rye at 8d and some at 9d 29s threshing barley by the day thirty six days at 8d 24s hedging ten days 6s8d and three days hedging 2s four days digging for the pipes 2s8d and three days more helping there 2s twelve days threshing seed last seed time 8s twenty six days threshing barley this winter 13s ended this 20.2.1627 and for rates 8s for bricks for the well 12li this year he had sixteen cows and 18s for the field which comes to 50li18s so I have received all last years rent and 23li9s10d onward of this year with the 10li so he oweth me 28li8s of which I promised to abate 40s if he left it