Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

1.3.1611 (Friday 1 March 1611)

document 22901869

1.3.1611 memo bargained with Stephen Enfield of Halstead in the county of Essex millwright to new build the mill at Colneford Mill with new fulling stocks etc betwixt this and midsummer at the furthest in manner and form following viz the said Enfield to fell hew and saw all his timber at his own charges to make all things new about the mill and floodgates to renew the floodgates set them the said place to pay all labourers for ripping and carrying to have the part of the mill and millhouse paying 5s a week and grinding all my corn and brother's and toll free till the said mill is new built I laying timbers when it is felled by him clay and earth by him for this he is to be paid within one month after midsummer the mill being finished against the said time the sum of 20li and to have over and besides a barrel of beer the use of two beds with the furniture 2bushels of wheat and a cheese of 10lb by me Rich Harlakenden mark Stephen Enfield this bargain was made 1.3.1611 before me Thos Harlakenden