Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

30.4.1611 (Tuesday 30 April 1611)

document 22901909

30.4.1611 memo bargained with Thos Lummys of Earls Colne for setting up to right at Colneford Mill with all the outhouses thereunto besides the barn the millhouse with screws to new groundsel it and needle it to mend the doors and windows needful to brace it and to make it very strong to mend the great bridge with planks and joists and studs and other needful things and for timber works the said Thos Lomys to fell hew and saw all his timber for joists planks studs and groundsels except the old sawn timber now at the pit in the Great Field to finish both these works betwixt this time and the beginning of august next and to have for all his said works 3li10s given him over and above 2s in the presence of Thos Anderson and old Jn Creke being at the bargain making by me Rich Harlakenden mark Thos Lummys