Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

26.1.1615 (Thursday 26 January 1615)

document 22902478

I am to buy him a new stone if he leave it at the first years end he is to allow me for the wearing that shall be thought fit by the inch for the making of the breaches within one month after his entrance we are mutually to join in charge I to make the house tenement like I to allow him earth and clay within a quarter of a mile memo 26.1.1615 let unto Jn Potter the oatmeal maker Colneford Mill tithe free for 50li per annum and 10li for an income or fine for ten years beginning at the annunciation next if he dislike at the first years end he is to have his 10li again and then to leave it I am to lay him in ten loads of wood every year and to allow him the forecrop of an acre of grass and he is to have the lops of the willows and alders by the end of Tenacres Meadow next the great river for keeping the banks and breaches if he hold it the term if he grind my corn he is to grind such malt as I shall spend in my house to be free I am to have half the fish if he refuse this bargain he is to give me a 20s piece tomorrow# and to make it 5li received of this bargain 5li Rich Harlakenden mark Jn Potter in the presence of Jn Parker Thos Harlakenden