Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

24.7.1615 (Monday 24 July 1615)

document 22902655

24.7.1615 memo let unto Clitter for five years from this day Colneford Mill with the meadow thereunto adjoining and five loads of wood yearly reserving half the fish and a covenant that he shall give me half the fish he taketh for 18s a week and a reentry within one month for rent behind for which and for leaving my possession I am to have his bond and Manning's of 50li I am to lend him 5li till 20.2.next and the alder and lops of the willows and sallows from his mill upon the banks by the end of Tenacres Meadow next the great river for keeping the banks and breaches he to keep the mill in necessary reparation for timber work etc having such timber allowed him and to make up the banks and breaches at his own charge having clay and earth allowed and assigned him within half of a mile he is to allow me so much an inch and I to allow him as much for those stones he leaves at the years end Rich Harlakenden mark Geo Clitter