Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

23.9.1618 (Wednesday 23 September 1618)

document 23000050

mr Turner's book touching mr Jocelyn 23.9.1618 it appeareth by mr Turner's account book that he hath received more than he hath laid out for mr Jocelyn's children about 606li16s etc which by his will he hath devised that his wife being executrix should pay to me within six months and that serjeant Chiborne should cast up the accounts then I find that my lady Nichulls# rent is 3li18s per annum to be paid to mr Scott and have an acquittance mr Harrison hath for Robt Jo. (Jocelyn) 9li per annum 10li per annum for Tho J. (Jocelyn)