Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

16.9.1622 (Monday 16 September 1622)

document 23000441

16.9.1622 let unto Jn Stephens the new house at the Tilekell and the rest of the houses there to underpin Scot Barn splint daub lath tile to make an oven bases under the windows of brick to make a double sufficient chimney of brick for the hall and parlour with brick manteltrees that of the hall 8ft and that in the parlour 5ft to make a floor in the new house to cast all his clay to gather his moss to pull down the chimney and the oven there to have for this 59s given him in part of payment 16d to have all this finished within fortnight after michaelmas at farthest mark Jn Stephens memo he must have 4s to fine tile pin for all the houses