Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

.6.1623 (June 1623)

document 23000736

besides my charges at London 18li8strinity term .6.1623 laid out to Jeff Cuckoe to give to J Finche etc 2s myself and man riding to enquire out mr Salter within# of Norwich# 17s given him then to help bear his charges to London being eighty miles and himself very aged 20s a subpoena for him and Robt Crowe 2s6d given mr Salter more to bear his charges homeward 10s paid for his horse meat and diet at London 14s sent him a horse outward and homeward from my house and back again at least two hundred and twenty miles worth 13s4d paid for the examination of mr Salter and Robt Crowe 5s given Robt Crowe for his charges and spent 10s for search of the record for the verdict against Partridge in the kings bench office 7s to the master of the postea office the postea being not returned by Jn Tanner and for his horse to search in the treasury 4s4d for the copies of the books in both the examiners office being two hundred and sixty six sheets 5li18s6d paid for them in the chancery being sixty four sheets 31s the attorneys fee 3s4d given mr recorder to move my L Huberd about scandalous depositions 20s given mr Sidnior to move my lord keeper for a reference 20s given mr Sidnior besides this term 10s