Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

.8.1623 (August 1623)

document 23000800

40li etc besides my chargesgiven my cousin Huberd before the term to go to with me to Highgate to my L Hubert 10s given mr recorder Finch at two or three times more to go to my lord to help procure me his certificate 4li given my lords gentleman for reading the depositions and the books 5s given him for copying the certificate and my lords hand 5s given another of my lords gentlemen 2s6d given mr recorder for council at twice in the cause 5li to serjeant Richardson at twice 6li to mr solicitor 5li to sir Hen Yelverton 3li to mr Payne 3li to mr Sidnior and to go with me to help instruct all the council divers times 5li the copy and entry of my L Hubert's certificate 3s6d a motion and order upon that for suppressing and for costs 20s writing their petition and to my lord keepers secretary to deliver it 9s to the counsellors clerks for keeping the breviats etc 10s to the ushers of the court and doorkeepers 12s mr Hedly his fee 3s4d the drawing and copy of the order of dismission 20s the clerks entering of it 12d the exemplification of the verdict at common law for the moiety of Curdes 19s paid for my lords hand to the dismission 6s paid for other fees and enrolment 57s6d paid for mr Coles moving the master rolls having gotten answer a free dismission to pay costs to cross that order 8s lent Jeff Cuckoe in his purse homeward 5s