Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

28.10.1624 (Thursday 28 October 1624)

document 23001104

28.10.1624 memo this day my cousin Geo Harlakenden and mr Parkinson heard the differences betwixt my brother and me touching my fathers will and estate and there we did mutually agree that we should seal general releases one to another not included my debt of 102li to him nor his quitrents to me and that I should make him a lease of all the personal tithes of all his lands and all my right in the Vicarage tithes for the yearly rent of 6d at christide if it be demanded the sum of 7li in hand paid in consideration of whereby is meant that I shall have 100li till michaelmas next without paying any use for it and that I shall convey (294) (264) Hansers Hedge unto him and his heirs free paying the ancient yearly rent of 20d per annum and that we shall both entail our lands that were my father's to the heirs males to this we did set both our hands my brother hath the copy