Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

17.4.1626 (Monday 17 April 1626)

document 23001333

portion of tithes in Halstead query further memo 17.4.1626 Dodd told me that dwelling with and under mrs French he knew that she held this portion and hired it from year to year of Wm Harrington 16d the acre and paid about 3li6s8d 5(inserted) per annum at the least and a good penceworth# besides other that he gathereth himself or let to others and it is issuing out of all Damyeon's land that is now and 60a more from the ground lost at Stansted Hall to the new way to Greensted Green Dod think it may be worth 13li6s8d per annum sold this to sir Edw Wortly and received for it 18li to avoid suit