Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

.11.1644 (November 1644)

document 23301214

Playstowe Farm Jn Dodd a lease for twenty one years from michaelmas.1643 I sealed a lease to Jn Dodd of Playstowe Farm for twenty one years to begin at michaelmas.1643 to pay 25li per annum by equal portion at the feast day of lady and michaelmas or twenty five days after with a reentry and he is to do 5li cost within a year to repair the houses stables pales gates stiles etc from .7.1645 unto .7.1646 or else he forfeits unto me 20li by assumpsit before mr Jn Chaplin and Elias Savell the elder and Robt Johnson and likewise he is to pay me more 10li in money over and above the rent at christide 25.12.1657 and so he is from the first of his lease to fell the springs twice sparring all the old trees and thirty staddles in an acre more and he is to leave the springs well fenced seven years growth at the end of his lease and he sealed a bond of 40li to pay the same money and perform covenants witnesses mr Jn Chaplin Elias Savell the elder and Robt Johnson my servant both unto the lease and bond