Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

18.1.1649-19.1.1649 (Thursday 18 January 1649)

document 23301289

my brother Wm Tiffin and Eliz his daughter18.1.1649 19.1.1649 memo the days and year abovesaid I paid in my brother Tiffin after the death of my sister Tiffin about a month or five weeks the sum of 300li upon agreement that the deed of 500li which I was to pay him should be disannulled and void and he gave me a release accordingly under his hand and seal witnesses unto it my cousin Josscelyne esq the lawyer mr Ralph Josscelyne our minister my cousin Ed Elliston Robt Johnson and Robt Crowe my servants and I paid the 300li in the presence of his brother Jn Smith gentleman and mr Wm Stephens his brother who told the money for him in Colne Priory parlour then likewise I gave him a new bond of 300li to pay him more a 150li within three months at Colne Priory after the death of his daughter Eliz Tiffin if so be she dies afore marriage or the age of twenty one years but if she live unto either of those times I am to pay her the 150li for her portion and to that purpose I gave another bond of 300li unto my cousin WH and my cousin Ed Elliston who hath the bond to pay her a 150li at her day of marriage or age of twenty one years which shall first happen and to maintain her with the interest in the mean time the other 50li was given to me by my brother Tiffin because that I had spent a 100li or thereabouts in my sister's lying in and maintaining the child six years and more at my own charge and in my sisters last sickness and funeral yet if the child Eliz Tiffin lives to age and carries herself well I intend if god bless me to give her the 50li but if she dies by no means to my brother Tiffin the child was baptised in Earls Colne parish 5.7.1642 as appeareth by the register notwithstanding my old deed and the bond of 800li to pay 500li after my sister's death is not delivered in because they say they have lost them but they promise if they can find them faithfully to return them and my brother Wm Tiffin and mr Andrew Smith fetched away the 300li which I paid them and left with Robt Johnson to keep for them this 22.1.1649 they carried it away and gave Robt Johnson my servant a receipt for it under his hand and seal Rich Harlakenden