Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr13)

29.9.1375 (Saturday 29 September 1375)

document 44800481

sale of standing corn and twenty-one quarts of wheat sold to the priory and convent of Colne 8li8s price per quarter 8s and 5bush of wheat sold to the prior of Colne 5s price per bushel 12d and one quarter of rye of the remainder upon the pathways sold mixed with vetch 5s4d price per bushel 8d and two quarts 1bush of rye afterwards sold for 14s2d price per bushel 10d and sixteen quarts of nuxcuri molendi sold for 106s8d price per quarter 6s8d and two quarts of horsecorn sold at a price per quart of 3s for 6s and one quart 4bush of pease sold for 6s9d price per bushel 6d1h and one quart 6bush of peas sold to Jn Bentel of Colchester 7s price per bushel 6d and two quarts 1bush of peas afterwards sold for 7s1d price per bushel 5d and 3bush of pease sold to the priory of Colne for 18d price per bushel 6d and thirty eight quarts 1bush and a half of barley sold for 11li9s1d1h price per quart 6s and four quarts 5bush of dredge (mixture of barley and oats) sold in the street as shown 20s9d3f price per quart 4s6d and sixteen quarts 3bush of dredge sold to Thos Gauge 65s6d price per quart illegible text and three quarts of dredge sold to Jn Passemer 12s price per quart 4s and five quarts 7bush of oats sold by Jn Passemer 23s6d price per quart 4s and one quart of oats sold to Jn Thornham 3s4d price per bushel 5d and sixteen quarts 4bush of oats sold to mr Jn Pelham for the household of the lady countess 55s price per quart 3s4d and twenty three quarts of oats sold to Thos Gauge for 4li16s price per quart 4s and 2bush and a half of oats afterwards sold for 121h price per bushel 5d