Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr14 and D/DPr59)

7.4.1425 (Saturday 7 April 1425)

document 44901319

fees with the wages of the lord's servants and in money paid to Jn Mille steward of the lord prior's court this year 26s8d and to Steph Smythe collector of the great rents and the small farms this year 4li and to Jn Humfrey carter there through year 18s9d and to Jn Osberne positor (prepositor or reeve) there this year 19s8d and to Thos Warwicke carter there this year 26s8d and to Robt Legge     there this year 20s and to Robt Arnold baker and brewer there this year 23s4d and to Jn Aylesby clerk of the church there being half a year taking by a bargain with him made this year 7s4d