Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr15)

30.3.1426 (Saturday 30 March 1426)

document 45001436

upkeep at the rectory of Beauchamp and a payment to Thos Skynnere tiling there for four days taking per day 4d for his board and for his hire 4d and for his helper both for food allowance and for labour for the same time 5d per day altogether 4s9d and a payment to the commissioner of the bishop of London for a certain subsidy granted to him for the said rectory this year 2s4d and to the same said commissioner for licence to let to farm the said rectory this year 6s8d and for five hundred lathe nails bought for the said rectory 6d and for essebord bought for the chancel there 4d and for one cart load of sand carted to the said chancel 4d and to Thos Skynner tiling there for four days taking 6d with food and drink per day 2s and a payment to a certain other tiler working there for one day taking as above 6d and for lathe nails 1d and a payment for the rent called procuracy this year there 10s