Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr15)

30.3.1426 (Saturday 30 March 1426)

document 45001453

upkeep at the manor of Berewyk and a payment to Jn Pypere working there for three days upon the gate house taking per day 5d with food and drink 15d and a payment to Jn Teylere for four thousand tiles bought from him price per thousand 3s6d 14s and for the carriage of the same from Halstede as far as Berewyk 4s and for six cart loads of sand carted to the said manor house viz for each cart load 3d altogether 18d and for two tuns of burnt lime bought at Balydon from Jn Berdfeld for the same 6s8d and a payment to Thos Skynner for making fourteen thousand plain and concave tiles taking per thousand 12d altogether 14s and a payment to four men tiling upon the shepene there for four days taking for each of them per day 5d with food and drink 6s8d and a payment for the carting of the aforesaid two tuns of lime viz from Balydon as far as the said manor house 4s and a payment to Jn Sowhete for five hundred lathe nails for the same 6d and for two and a half thousand lathe nails bought at Colchester for the same 2s6d and for two hundred durnaylls bought there for the same 12d and for two hundred and fifty window nails bought for the same there 10d and for one pair of hinges bought for the same at Boscum there 8d and for one pair of hinges and another of iron for the windows there 8d and for five iron plates five hoops five gogeons five hooks five hasps bought for the new door made there weighing altogether 28lb price per lb 1d1d altogether 3s8d and for one hasp and three staples bought for the garite# there 3d and for four hooks bought for the window there 7d and for thirty window nails for the same 1d