Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr15)

30.3.1426 (Saturday 30 March 1426)

document 45001694

sum with liveries and expenses 192li16s11d1h and the said account having in excess above the receipts 15li13s8d1h and allowances to the said account in expenses upon this account on divers occasions 4s4d and to which received from the rectory of Beauchamp of an old debt 6li and of the rectory of Edwardston for the same 4li11s8d and of the farm of the mill of Colford 15s and of Ralph Chaltenhey as a rent for his mill called Chalteney Mill for the same 7s6d and at this time the aforesaid account stands in excess above the aforesaid receipts 4li3s10d1h and from which paid out at the price of two bullocks bought for him for the lord's stock 20s and as the farm of a certain meadow called Wyntersmed for three years occupied by the said accountant viz for each year 3s4d altogether 10s and concerning Thos Trestam for a debt of this house 10d and for the farm of a portion of the tithes in Stansted and Halsted owed to the same 40s and thus at this time there should be in excess above that received 3s10d1h which should be allowed in the account next following