Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr16)

26.3.1429 (Saturday 26 March 1429)

document 45100652

returns of the services of the customary tenements and of 5d from Robt Segge junior as the same said rent for a certain tenement of his with a garden late of Robt Segge his father thus let to him this year and of 4d from the daughter of Robt Segge senior for the same for one croft of land called Mellecroft late of the said Robt as let this year and of 16d of Jn Waleys for the same for a tenement late of Barth Smyth and Rich Chaloner and afterwards of Rich Steven this year and of 9d of Jn Lyteman for the same for the tenement of Bakeres and Goseboldes this year and of 6d for Wm Sorell and others for a tenement late of Jn Maldon viz for one cottage and curtilage sometime of Roger Swon and afterwards of Jn Charles as let to him this year and of 4d of Wm Breton chaplain for one croft of land parcel of a tenement sometime of Ellen Chapell and for a certain tenement sometime of Jn Adam this year and of 8d of the tenants of the land of Matilda Stevene for lands called Mellereslond and half of Hawelotteslond and Whetecroft this year