Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr17)

1440 (1440)

document 45200699

mowing of hay with carting of dung and with weeding imprimis a payment to Wm Webbe mowing the hay there for five days taking 4d per day 20d item a payment to a certain other man similarly mowing there for six days taking per day as above 2s item a payment to Jn Botere Jn Cobbe and Thos Skynnere mowing there similarly as for each of them for five days taking per day as above 5s item a payment to Jn Baker sowing grass for hay for one day 2d item a payment to Simon Bokkere for carting manure for spreading for two days 4d item a payment to Jn Sonyld for his cart there carting manure for five days taking 14d per day 5s10d and of 7s8d paid for divers people weeding in the standing corn this year on divers occasions as fully shown in a delivery paper made thereof this year