Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr18 and D/DPr59)

31.3.1442 (Saturday 31 March 1442)

document 45301109

allowances made to Jn Cooke herdsman there this year allowed for the farm of two kine there 2s item for ten calves bought of him 23s in milk bought of him 3s3d item     (guas#) bought of him 9d in five barrels and half of barrel butter bought of him 5s6d item allowed to him for his labour in the meadow of the lord and     (for saronlawe) 15d in two cheeses bought of him 4d in one wey of cheese 10s item for four weys of cheese twelve stone and 4lb of cheese 33s9d in butter of him bought at another time 6s item to him for the     of his vesture 5s item for his wages 6s8d item to the same herdsman for making peas in Sandhill for 8a 4s item to him for one aborted calf 23d item to him for his labour going with the lord's flesh 12d for twelve days item to him for one calf bought of the said herdsman 3s4d item paid for ten cheeses of him bought 3s