Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr18 and D/DPr59)

31.3.1442 (Saturday 31 March 1442)

document 45301257

costs and expenses about making faggots sowing and enclosing in payment to divers men going with three ploughs as well in the time of sowing winter corn as lent corn for divers parcels as more plainly appeareth in a paper book remaining with the said prior this year 4s2d item paid to divers men for horses hired for the same ploughs at the same time as appears in the same book 6s5d item paid to divers other men for making faggots the same year for provisions for the house for divers parcels as more plainly appears in the same book in all 45s9d item paid to the same men for enclosing the hedges about The wood of Chaltenhey Bradfield and Sandhell by them made at divers times this year 28s1d item paid to Jeff Dyker for scouring the ditch and making the hedge against Chiffen by a bargain in gross with him made to task 25s