Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr18 and D/DPr59)

31.3.1442 (Saturday 31 March 1442)

document 45301271

the head of provisions in money paid for divers victuals bought of the provisions of the said prior to wit in two hundred eggs bought of Wm Wygein 10d in one hundred and eighty eggs bought of Jn Cosyn 9d item paid to Wm Wygeyn for fourteen chicken of him bought 14d item paid to him for hens eggs 6d item paid to Jn Cosyn for one hundred and eighty eggs 9d item twelve chicken bought of Robt Brundon 12d item paid for one cow bought of Jn Cook 8s item to Jn Cosyn for eggs 4d in eggs 16d in ten chickens 10d item twelve geese 2s6d item four geese 10d item six chicken 6d eggs 5d eggs of Steph Smythe against easter 4s eggs 9d white salt 4d gross salt 9d eggs 3d twenty ewes and twenty lambs 40s bought of Jn Edom and to him for six ewes of him bought 7s6d for eggs 22d one calf 18d twelve chicken 12d salt fish 18d gross salt one bushel 8d eggs 11d eggs another time 8d raisons of currants 3d1h in almonds jordan 4li14d butter 1d milk 2d seven mallards 12d for salt fish bought at Coggeshall of Jn Polsted 2s in ale 1d eggs 8d eggs another time 3d1h two geese 6d greynes 1d sugar 4d cloves 7d saunders 4d almonds jordan 12d cotton 8d gross salt 8d salt fish bought at Herwiche 2s2d eggs 12d1h ale 4d eggs 9d half a calf 12d white salt 3d ale 1d eggs 9d1h twelve chicken 12d two geese 9d white salt 6d two geese 8d1h a dressing knife for the kitchen 8d item paid to the wife of Wm Wigein for sixteen pullets 16d item for one barrel of salmon bought at Steresbregge 21s one barrel of white herring bought there 9s6d item for salt fish called orgays 8s item sixteen warp of choling bought there 11s11d viz 5d1h the warp item twenty warp of lings 16s8d at 10d the warp item for two hundred and a half of hard fish bought there 40s at 16s one hundred item in the expenses for the carriage of the said fish from Steresbrigge to Colne together with 6d for axing the cart 3s item in the expenses of the said prior and his man about buying the said fish 4s4d item one wey of gross salt bought at Herwich and in the expenses of carrying the same from Herwich to Colne and 6d for axing the cart 26s item in eggs bought at divers times of divers persons 18d item one porkling bought at Coggeshall 21d item hens eggs at divers times 21d1h item four cades of red herring for provision of household 24s10d item one last and eight cades of red sprats bought for the same 17s item half barrel of white herring 6s8d item the expenses of the said prior about buying the same fish 2s item carrying the same fish 8d item two     bought 8d item three frayles of figs and raisons 7s4d white salt 3d 1bush of onions 3d item in eels bought at Sudbury by the hand of Steph Smythe