Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr62)

michaelmas.38Hen8 (Wednesday 29 September 1546)

document 45600369

repairs and in monies paid by himself for divers necessary repairs made and carried out namely both for fencing around the lord's wood called Chalkney Wood 13s8d with 4s paid to the bailiff master Wentworthe in recompense for the revenue from the poles and for the mending of the chancel windows 8s5d at Colne with 2s paid as the lord king's fifteenth and for the mending of the barns at the dwelling called Mills and Copyns 54s7d namely in the work of the carpenter and tiler and other necessaries as shown both by a bill of hand signed by Robt Rochester the lord's surveyor there and by two bills signed by the hand of Jn Churche deputy surveyor and remaining 4li16s8d