Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr62)

michaelmas.38Hen8 (Wednesday 29 September 1546)

document 45600514

sum of all the aforesaid allowances 16li8s4d and debts 6s4d to which is added 3s4d as the increase of the farm of the demesne lands of Barwykehall this year as in the preceding and similarly a charge of 10d for the farm of one piece of meadow lying near the said mill at 4d per annum behind for two years and a half to the feast michaelmas.38Hen8 and owed the sum altogether of 10s6d and from which is allowed of the farm of the mill of Colneford Myll 6d on account of a certain supplementary payment had by himself in the accounts for the last preceding year as is clearly shown there and owed 10s