Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr64)

michaelmas.2Edw6 (Saturday 29 September 1548)

document 45800379

repairs and in monies paid by the same said accountant both for the repairs of one barn 39s5d pertaining to the manor house of the lord there as in the purchase of tiles nails and day labour for the same with other necessaries and for the repair of the chancel of the church there as in roofing the same and for mending the pales around Chalkney Woode 11s7d and other unusual payments both for the repairs of houses of the manor 4li3s1h pertaining lately to the Priory of Colne and in the work of carpenters as shown by divers bills signed by the hand of Jn Churche gentleman the lord's overseer there and remaining 6li14s1h