Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr64)

michaelmas.2Edw6 (Saturday 29 September 1548)

document 45800533

livery of money returned to the receiver there and in monies delivered by the hands of divers persons written below to Thos Larke gentleman the lord's receiver there viz from the issues and revenues of their farms for this year namely by the hand of the farmers of Barwikhall on 16.4.2Edw6 105s and on 6.10. 4li and by the hand of Wm Carter for the farm of lands in White Colne called Inglethorp on     day     in the same said year 4li10s and by the hand of Hen Pollyn for the farm of the mill there on     in the aforementioned year 40s4d altogether as by divers separate bills signed by the hand of the said receiver and remaining and as their acknowledgement of the overlordship of the tenements 15li15s4d