Earls Colne Accounts (ERO D/DPr119)

29.9.1379 (Thursday 29 September 1379)

document 47500724

sum of all expenses delivered 31li13s1h and owed 17li6s2d and from which allowed to the same in the expenses of Flynthale and Bole with other assistants in divers counties supervising the returns of the accounts and other divers negotiations with expenses paid for divers councils at London for four days and returning by way of the north 110s item an allowance to the same as custodian supervising the legge within the park disallowed in the preceding year and here allowed at a value illegible text made to Flynthale 105s1d1h sum allowed 10li15s1d1h and thus owed 6li11s1h which should be levied in the following accounts