Earls Colne Accounts (ERO D/DPr121)

29.9.7Hen6 (Wednesday 29 September 1428)

document 47700060

agistment of the park with sale of wood and of the agistment of the park between the feast of the finding of the sacred cross and michaelmas beyond the fee of twenty beasts for the prior and convent of Colne as the fee of the park keeper fourteen beasts as the fee of the custodian of the three gateways of the park twelve beasts and the tenant of the tenement of Cruddes custodian of the hedges of the park two beasts nothing here because of the cutting of the grass to increase the pasturage of the lord's game by his precept to maintain the game as shown in a roll of court this year and the wood of the aldergroves and of the old hedges sold nothing for the aforesaid time