Earls Colne Accounts (ERO D/DPr122)

29.9.1431 (Saturday 29 September 1431)

document 47801038

costs of the park payment for one labourer hired illegible text for divers trimming of the hedges of the park to be repaired and mended on the part of the lord this year whereof he took 3s and for each day 4d as task work in the stipend of illegible text carpenter for one day for repairing and mending part of The Logge with repairs of the latrines where it was necessary by precept of the lord 4d in one oak board bought for the same 2d item in illegible text bought for the same 2d item a payment to Jn Lening cutting two oaks within the park on a precept of the lord 12d in food and drink bought and expenses for underbrush little trees and thorn bushes in The Lynnde within the lord's park to be torn out and burnt by a precept of the lord in the month of june both by the lord's tenants and others from Coggeshale Tey and other villages around for part of the year in all expenses as particularised shown by one bill thereof made and shown by the lord's auditor upon this account and examined for preparing the said Lynnd above the victuals as coming from the demesne for men and women for one day and 2s10d in the stipend of Walt Godelgate park keeper there and the same as warrener for the year by a deed of the lord late earl of Oxford 10s and item to the same for his garments by a deed 13s4d and in four cart loads of hay for the horse of the park keeper and also for the warrener 10s and item in one cart load of straw as bedding for his horse by a deed of the lord 12d because by Edw Tyrell in the accounts at Stansted item a payment to Rich Parker and Jn his brother as their fee and wages for looking after the said lord's park for the year by an agreement with the lord by the lord's warrant 6li16s of which each takes per week 14d